Rosemary Branch Theatre, 5-30th April 2011

By James Fritz. Produced by Scarlett Plouviez Comnas for the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

Exeunt Magazine’s Critic’s Picks of 2011 

‘My favourite new play of the year; young playwright James Fritz’s dazzlingly clever and unexpectedly tear-jerking faux-verbatim play dealt with the repercussions of an imaginary verbatim play charting the death of Ian Tomlinson in which an actor is murdered by the police officer he played on stage. This extreme premise became eerily credible and what could have been quite a theoretical exercise played like a thriller and was performed with outstanding sensitivity by the cast of five (especially David Vale as the victim’s father). The questions that it raised about writerly and dramatic responsibility are still spinning around in my head.’ – Julia Rank, Exeunt

Tom Berish, Jeryl Burgess, John Canmore, Iain Mairs, David Vale

Creatie Team:
Katie Bellman – Design
Sally Hughes – Lighting Design

Image credits: Adam Levy.